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Christmas and New Year Bidding Cycle 2023

Published: Monday 28 November 2022

There will be a two week bidding cycle over Christmas and New Year which will start on Thursday the 22nd December 2022 and will close on Tuesday the 3rd of January 2023.

Choice Based Lettings System

Published: Wednesday 11 November 2020

The Nottingham Homesearch Choice Based Lettings Partnership is ending and all three partnership authorities of Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe will be using their own system from the 9th December 2020.

The Choice Based Lettings system is being upgraded and the current URL will no longer be active. The system will be down for the duration of the day on 9th December, however you will be able to access it from 10th December and will be able to bid for properties.

If you are a Broxtowe applicant, you should follow

If you are a Rushcliffe applicant, you should follow

If you are a Gedling applicant, you should follow

If you are a Newark and Sherwood applicant, you should follow


Your methods of logging in to the system should not change.  Some customers who are registered with multiple local authorities will be contacted separately about their application.





Introductory Tenancies & Rent in Advance - Broxtowe Borough Council

Published: Tuesday 2 April 2019

The Council offer different Tenancy Agreements. If you are not transferring from a secure council tenancy or an assured housing association tenancy or subject to a fix term tenancy, you will be offered an Introductory Tenancy.

An Introductory Tenancy is a tenancy that begins with a 12month trial period and is effective from the start date of your tenancy. During the first 12 months you will have fewer rights than secure tenant and will be required to demonstrate that you can successfully manage a tenancy.  After the Introductory Tenancy period has expired, we will write to you to advise that your tenancy has changed to a (secure tenancy/fixed term tenancy delete as appropriate)

The purpose of an Introductory Tenancy is to ensure that tenants are following the terms of their tenancy agreements, so it is important that you keep a copy safe and you understand your agreement.  Please let the Council know if you are unsure about anything or are having any difficulties.  If you breach your agreement, action will be taken against you.  If the breaches of the agreement are persistent and serious, the Council can extend your Introductory Tenancy or apply to the County Court to bring your tenancy to an end.   

The Council offers support to tenants who may be suffering difficulties in their tenancy and will visit you a three times throughout the course of your Introductory Tenancy to ensure that all is well in your tenancy, to try and assist in resolving any issues that may have occurred but also to ensure that the tenancy agreement is being followed.  

If you accept the offer of this tenancy you will be required to pay rent in advance upon signing for the property.

Independent Living Properties Available now for applicants over 60

Published: Friday 6 October 2017
Independent Living Properties Available now for applicants over 60


Independent Living provides a supportive, secure environment for people who wish to live independently in the community and enables them to feel safe and supported, whilst having the opportunity to engage in activities if they wish to.

The schemes connsist of self contained unfurnished flats and bungalow, the Local Authority provide a high standard of accomodation and each scheme has a designated Independent Living Co-ordinator .  Retirement Living schemes provide a high standard of accommodation.  The Independent Living Service is divided into two teams; East and West. Both teams are led by an Independent Living Team Leader who will be supported by their team of Independent Living Co-ordinators (ILCs).

Some schemes have a communal lounge where activities take place, there are two activity co-ordinators who are engaging with residents to provide new activities where residents can socialise in their own environment.

Residents in Retirement Living accommodation can

  • Receive support and assistance

  • Receive referrals for extra support from appropriate agencies if required

  • Have access to a 24 hour alarm service for emergencies

  • Have opportunities to take part in a wide range of social activities

  • A Lifeline calling system linked to a 24 hour response centre, managed by a Lifeline Co-ordinator and staffed by trained operators who are available seven days a week

  • Convenient locations throughout the borough, which are close to social, transport and shopping facilities.  Further details of schemes and their locations can be found on the  Schemes in the Borough page

  • Personalised Independent Plans (I-Plans) which will enable Independent Living Co-ordinators to support you in maintaining your independence

  • No Fees required

  • No Deposit required

Retirement Living accommodation is available for single people or couples who meet the following criteria


You must be at least 60 years old or above for ‘A’ Scheme accommodation

You must be at least 55 years old or above for ‘B’ Scheme accommodation

Support Needs

You must be in need of the support offered in Retirement Living accommodation because;

  • You are frail because of ill health

  • You have health problems that mean you need support

  • You have a hearing or sight problem that affects your day to day activities

  • You have issues relating to safety and security which affect your day to day activities

  • You have a poor quality of life due to isolation and need to move nearer to family or friends who can provide support

  • You require the support and community feeling of Retirement Living accommodation due to your age

Applying for Retirement Living Accommodation

If you are interested in applying for Retirement Living accommodation you should contact your Local Council Housing Options Team who will advise on the application process and discuss your requirements.